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Fog Machine Timer Remote - Set Duration and Intervals of Fog Blasts has a rating of stars based on reviews.
Fog Machine Timer Remote - Set Duration And Intervals Of Blasts

Fog Machine Timer Remote - Set Duration and Intervals of Fog Blasts

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Fog machines are a staple for most Halloween parties, Halloween creepy decor and fun Dance Party events.

Don't be stuck on the sidelines having to constantly hit the button to add a blast of fog to your event or decor.  Just plug in this Remote Fog Timer to any fog machine (that takes and IEC Plug) and set the duration you want the fog to blast and how much time between blasts. Once set, you can enjoy your event without having to run back to the fog machine all the time.  

Easy to use, you can adjust the interval and duration in the middle of an event, need more fog or less fog, no problem, just adjust the dials.

  • Duration can be set to any amount of time between 0.5 and 10 seconds.
  • Intervals can be set to any amount of time between 10 seconds and 200 seconds

Three LED lights indicate different functions: Yellow tells you that the timer is turned on and activated; red lets you know power is on; and green indicates that fog output is available.

The Duration knob serves two functions, turning the timer on and off and setting the length of fog output. The Interval knob sets the amount of time between fog blasts from 10 sec - 200 Seconds. Turn the knobs clockwise to increase values, and counter-clockwise to decrease them.

Size: 2.5" x 4.7"

* Note fog machines do create heat and should never be covered up or put into an enclosed space or box.  Even with a timer remote, a fog machine should always be checked on occasionally for heat, fluid consumption and proper function.

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