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Kristall Universal Liquid Screen Protector for Smartphones or Tablets has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Kristall Universal Liquid Screen Protector for Smartphones or Tablets

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One Size Fits All

Ever had issues with trying to get all the bubbles out from under your plastic screen protector while installing or dealing with the sticky glue after trying to remove it - no more - with Kristall Liquid Screen Protector you will get a bubble free finish with all the protection.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector is the easy DIY to apply screen protection system that will leave a no bubble, no peeling, no cracking high gloss finish and protector your screen with a hardness level of 9H (sapphire equivalent).

A single treatment will leave your screen protected from everyday wear and tear, reduce finger marks and smudges and the screen water repellent for up to 1 year (depending on usage and wear).

Kristall does not contain any glue or adhesives, the Kristall coating bonds to the surface of the glass so you screen's touch sensitivity is not affected.

Kristall Liquid Screen protector can also be used to protect any glass surface, like a watch face, compact mirror etc... (Not to be used at all on Digital Camera Lens)

Kristall Liquid Screen Protection comes in 2 sizes, one for smartphones and the other for tablets

Please follow complete manufacturers instructions for correct application of product.

Product Features & Functions

  • Easy application and 100% bubble free
  • Enjoy the HD experience of the screen display
  • More sensitive of screen touch
  • Reduce finger marks and smudges & easy to clean the screen
  • Suitable for all size of electronic device

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