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LED Strip/Tape Lights 3528/5050 Water Resistant IP65 w/Black PCB Backer 5 Meters - for vehicle interiors/exteriors has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

LED Strip/Tape Lights 3528/5050 Water Resistant IP65 w/Black PCB Backer 5 Meters - for vehicle interiors/exteriors

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Most LED Strip/Tape Lights have a white backer behind the LED Chips which are used for mostly indoor/outdoor residential lighting projects for the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas.

These strip lights have a black colour backer behind the chips which are used mostly by people lighting the inside or outside of vehicles or when you need the lights to blend into a very dark coloured background such as in restaurants or clubs.


  • Low power consumption,
  • Super-bright but running with low temperature
  • IP65 rating, silicone coated, resistant to water and dirt (not submersible or prolonged direct water contact)
  • Peel and Stick, self-adhesive backing with for secure and easy application
  • Size adjustable - lights are able to be cut to fit the size of your project (every 3 LED chips) or they can be extended by attaching another roll or cut length of LED Strip (either by soldering or using LED quick connectors)
  • Long lifespan  - approximately 50,000* hours (*depending on application/installation)


  • View angle: 120° 
  • Working Voltage: 12VDC
  • LED Quantity: 600 LED chips per 5 Meter Roll  - 120 LED chips per 1 MeterWorking
  • Temperature : -20 to 50°
  • Protection Rate: IP65 (Water-resistant)
  • Size: L500cm (5M) x W 1cm x T0 H 0.25cm 
  • LED Type: 3528 or 5050
  • PCB Background: Black

Package Content:

1  x Roll LED Strip/Tape Light - 5 Meters (16ft) continuous length  

Installation Note: 

  • For home or garden use, please note this strip light cannot be plugged into the mains on a house directly!! There are two bare wire at the end of each led strip, you will need a Power Adapter Plug and a Power Supply (both sold separately) to provide power to the lights.
  • For vehicle or boat use, the voltage from the battery is 12v DC already so you can install it directly, no need for an additional adapter or power supply.
  • For use around water or wet environments (IP65 Rated Strips or higher), such as in aquarium or pond or garden, please note that the IP65 Rating does not allow you to submerge the lights in the water and the power supply, adapters or connectors must be kept away from any forms of water and secured in a duck or waterproof electrical box. 
  • Each LED strip has positive and negative wire
  • The LED strips do not require any resistors, they are ready to work on any 12 volt power source. 

We also carry optional AC Power Adapters, Remote Controls, Quick Connectors, Extension Wire and Housings.

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