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Liquid Activated Multi-Colour LED Light-Up Ice Cube - Cube Shaped (12 Pack) has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Liquid Activated Multi-Colour LED Light-Up Ice Cube - Cube Shaped (12 Pack)

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These LED ice cubes will add fun and excitement to any occasion.  Each cube contains a multi-colour flashing LED light which is fully sealed within a translucent plastic shell.  The cube will only activate once the 2 sensors on the bottom of the cube is in contact with liquid.

Once in liquid or wet, LED cubes will flash for approximately 30 hours.  The cubes can be used for a few events.  Just wash and dry the cubes when finished with one event and activate them again for the next party.

These cubes can be used in single glass drinks or can be added to large punch bowls or ice buckets to add that whimsy for yourselves and guests to your everyday backyard bar-b-que or add a special wow statement to large parties and functions.

These cubes can also be added to a decorative vase or bowl containing water to add a little ambiance to any room.

  • Use in drinks or to create an illuminated centerpiece
  • Liquid activated cubes turn off when dry
  • Batteries permanently sealed for safety, so they are not replaceable

Please note that these cubes are a fun addition to any drink but are not meant to replace real ice, they should NEVER be put in the freezer and NEVER placed into any hot or boiling liquids.  

***Like any small plastic item, keep LED Ice Cubes away from small children and always supervise older children with the LED cubes as they could become a chocking hazard***

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