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MiPow PLAYBULB Garden Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lighting has a rating of stars based on reviews.

MiPow PLAYBULB Garden Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lighting

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PLAYBULB garden is a smart color LED solar garden light. It adds shining colours and special lighting effects to your front yard, home garden, backyard or deck.

With PLAYBULB X , a free App, you can change the lighting tone of your garden at one finger tap. It is purely driven by solar power and therefore it's just as GREEN as your garden! PLAYBULB garden is intelligent, the built-in sensor detects the lighting conditions and automatically turns on or off the PLAYBULB garden LED Light accordingly. 

In the daytime, PLAYBULB garden automatically absorbs light energy from the sun and stores in its internal lithium-ion battery. It turns on automatically when it gets dark and turns off when it gets bright enough.  Once it is fully charged, it can operate for up to 20 hours of light! 

PLAYBULB garden suits every single garden and is easy to install, simply connect the accompanying mono spike and it's easy to push into the grass or dirt. And don't worry about the weather, it's water resistant and stands up to unfavourable weather conditions. 

PLAYBULB garden is light-weight design and therefore portable. Adding atmosphere and creating mood to your camp site, outdoor party and barbecue takes no effort at all or use to create a path from tent to tent.
Being solar-powered, no need to worry about needing a power supply or the need to buy batteries..

PLAYBULB Garden light can be used with or without the ground spike so you can add light to a table or picnic area. 


Download PLAYBULB X App for free at both Apple App Store and Google Play.  Colour control, lighting effect and other controls are all in PLAYBULB X App.

Control the brightness, colour and effect of your PLAYBULB Garden via your phone by just one tap. 

You get 5 Special Lighting Effects
- Pulsing Light
- Flashing Light
- Rainbow Effect
- Candle Light Effect
- Rainbow Fading Effect  

One APP, All Control PLAYBULB X App supports crossed-device control!  You can group PLAYBULB Garden together with other PLAYBULB products. 


  • LED Power: 30Mw 
  • LED Current: 15 - 20mA 
  • LEDS: 3 x Red, Green, Blue and White 
  • Capacity: 1000mAh/3.7V (3.7Wh) 
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh (Lithium-ion Battery) 
  • Cycle Life: 500 Times 
  • Solar Panel Voltage: 6.0V 
  • Solar Panel Input Current: 150mA 
  • Solar Panel Charging Time: 8 - 10 Hours (Max Brightness) 
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Smart 
  • Control: PLAYBULB X 
  • Supported Profile: GATT 
  • Wireless Range: 20m (66ft) 
  • Dimension: 14 x 4.3 cm ( 5.5 x 1.6 inches) 



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