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Rental - Harbinger LX8 8-Channel Analog Mixer With Bluetooth, FX and USB Audio has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Rental - Harbinger LX8 8-Channel Analog Mixer With Bluetooth, FX and USB Audio

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The Harbinger LX8 is a versatile and compact 8-channel mixer for live sound, home recording and content creators. The LX8 includes Bluetooth audio input, a built-in 2x2 USB audio interface, cross-platform recording software and eight flexible 24-bit Multi-Core FX Engine programs. Also onboard are two low-noise, high-headroom mic preamps, tone-preserving high-impedance guitar inputs and sound-optimizing software for ideally recording guitar amps, multi-FX or preamp pedals.  

The two carefully engineered microphone preamps give you both clean, accurate sound and ample gain-boosting range (+63dB max), while phantom power ensures you can use condenser microphones, which are a recording studio standard. An integrated 2x2 USB audio interface with zero-latency hardware monitoring provides a simple plug-and-play connection to a computer, while the included TRAKTION Waveform OEM cross-platform multi-track recording software ensures you can hit the ground running, right out of the box. Guitarists, take note: the included Torpedo Wall of Sound software lets you get superior sound from electric guitars recorded with amp simulation plug-ins or achieve in-the-studio realism when you record from multi-FX, amp heads with load boxes, or preamp pedals.  

Meanwhile, the high-impedance (Hi-Z) instrument input switch lets you connect an acoustic guitar, bass or electric guitar without losing any tone or sound quality. The Bluetooth and mobile device audio inputs even have a dedicated level control with solo function, perfect when using a mobile device for break music at a gig, or when you quickly want to hear a reference track through your main speakers. And the MIX-MINUS button lets you listen to USB playback in your headphones without sending it to the main mix, which is essential when recording overdubs to computer. LX8 also lets you set separate FX levels for channels 1 and 2, adjust the sound of any of the eight available 24-bit Multi-Core FX Engine programs, and adjust stereo placement of all main input channels.  

Equipped with eight total input channels (to handle up to six sources at once), XLR stereo main outs, 1/4" stereo headphone out, 1/8" stereo record output and high-visibility level metering, LX8 is ready to go wherever your music takes you.


  • Integrated 2x2 USB audio interface for computer recording and playback (16-bit, 48KHz)
  • Tracktion OEM cross-platform multi-track recording software
  • Torpedo Wall of Sound software for ideal recording of guitar amps, multi-FX and preamp pedals
  • Bluetooth audio input for use with smartphones or any other Bluetooth source
  • 2 pro-grade mic preamps for accurate sound and optimal levels (+63dB max)
  • 48V phantom power to support professional condenser microphones
  • Tone-preserving Hi-Z input for ideally connecting a guitar or bass
  • 80Hz high-pass filter and 26dB PAD on each combo input
  • 8 built-in 24-bit digital FX with parameter adjust for fine-tuning FX presets
  • Adjustable FX levels on channel 1 and 2
  • 2 XLR 1/4" microphone/combo inputs, supporting a wide range of sources
  • 2 channels of balanced stereo 1/4" line inputs
  • Stereo 1/8" input to connect audio from a mobile device
  • 2-band EQ for even more tone-sculpting control
  • XLR outputs for connecting to pro-standard equipment
  • Stereo 1/8" record output to send a mix to an external recorder
  • Stereo 1/4" headphone output to monitor a mix through professional headphones

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      Rental - Harbinger LX8 8-Channel Analog Mixer With Bluetooth, FX and USB Audio has a rating of stars based on reviews.