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Rental - Harbinger V3415 Powered Speakers Package With VS18 Subwoofer, Stands and Cables has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Rental - Harbinger V3415 Powered Speakers Package With VS18 Subwoofer, Stands and Cables

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The rental Delivery, Setup, & pickup area for our Oakvliie Location includes Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, & Hamilton.

Harbinger VARI 3000 Series Powered Speakers Package With VS18 Subwoofer, Stands, and Cables 15" Mains

15" loudspeaker package with subwoofer, stands, and accessories included.

This Harbinger VARI 3000 Series speakers package contains everything you need to crank up your sound, including two VARI V3415 15" loudspeakers, a VARI VS18 18" subwoofer, a pair of speaker stands, four 25' XLR cables, and a carrying bag.

VARI V3415 15" Loudspeaker

Harbinger VARI Live V3415 powered speakers include a built-in mixer with Bluetooth audio and Smart Stereo capability for versatile amplification of up to five inputs at once, including microphones, guitars, and multiple stereo sources. PEEK Performance is achieved through significant upgrades to the three most critical sound-delivery components: a PEEK tweeter for smooth yet detailed high frequencies, a gas-assist cabinet delivering well-balanced and articulate mid-range frequencies with an expansive stereo image, plus an XR woofer for well-controlled, extended low frequencies. You can also customize the DSP-optimized sound as you control and configure your VARI using the free VARI Series app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

Harbinger VARI VS18 18" Subwoofer

The VARI VS18 features a built-in Class-D amplifier that delivers 600W (2,400W peak) of clean power for a maximum SPL output of 134dB, providing low distortion and clarity—even if thundering lows are pumping aggressively throughout the venue. To help protect the speaker when the bass is pumping, the VS18 has clip LEDs for each input to guard against raging signal levels, and front- and rear-mounted limiter LEDs that let you know when maximum volume has been attained. Any full-range speaker can be integrated with the subwoofer by setting the VS18’s crossover control yourself and tailoring its response to work with the mains you are using. You can even adjust the VS18’s Time Aligning Delay control to combat phase-alignment issues that can rob the sub of maximum bass. A transparent limiter is also onboard to keep the lows taut and protect the speaker when it's operating at high volume levels.

Speaker Stand 2-Pack

Whether you're gigging across town or touring the country, the Proline SPS502 Speaker Stands are ready for the journey. The tripod bases provide maximum stability on any surface while still collapsing for compact storage in the included carrying bag. Rubber feet prevent slipping and protect floors, and the locking knobs securely fasten the inner and outer tubes at your desired height. These road-ready stands can handle the demands of frequent setup, takedown, and transit without sacrificing an ounce of strength or dependability.


VARI V3415 15" Loudspeaker
  • Upgraded sound quality with PEEK Performance
  • App-controlled EQ and customization
  • Built-in 5-source mixer with Bluetooth and Smart Stereo
  • Wireless Bluetooth stereo linking
  • Wired Smart Stereo connection
  • Five DSP voicings, plus seamless subwoofer integration
VARI VS18 18" Subwoofer
  • 2400W peak (600W RMS) Class-D power 
  • 18" 8-ohm driver 
  • Plywood cabinet with rugged black polyurea-painted finish 
  • Two ergonomic and balanced handles for easy transport 
  • Dual combo XLR and 1/4" input jacks with clip indicator  
  • Dual XLR output jacks 
  • Built-in USB charging port 
  • Time-aligning delay knob to correct misalignment of phase and time 
  • Crossover frequencies control 
  • Polarity switch (Normal or Reverse)
 Speaker Stands
  • Two pack of speaker stands with carry bag
  • 120-lb. load capacity for superior support
  • Aluminum center shaft keeps weight to a minimum
  • Steel body prevents flex for outstanding stability
  • 11 adjustment holes for precise speaker height placement
  • Locking pins and locking shaft turn knob ensures safe setups
  • 8 mm padded ergonomic carry bag protects your investment

Order the VARI 3000 Series speakers package today.

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Rental - Harbinger V3415 Powered Speakers Package With VS18 Subwoofer, Stands and Cables has a rating of stars based on reviews.