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2-inch Gaffer Tape (55yrds) - In Black or White has a rating of stars based on reviews.

2-inch Gaffer Tape (55yrds) - In Black or White

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All the benefits of duct tape without the messy residue

Designed to meet the everyday challenges faced by professionals in theatre, television, filmmaking and photography, Gaffer Tape can be used for virtually every application where a strong bond, no-residue, easy tearing, smooth, matte-finish tape is needed - such as on pipes & battens, stage floors, walls, roadcases, fixtures, stands, flags and frames, edge finishes, fabrics, console surfaces, scenery, props, and even costumes, just to name a few!

Available in industry standard black, white and grey for use everywhere on stage and set, this Gaffer Tape is manufactured using a premium quality polyethylene coated cloth laminate with a natural rubber based adhesive. This unique adhesive offers high tack with excellent adhesion yet still removes cleanly without leaving behind any sticky residue. It's also easily tearable, which means no need for cutting tools. The fine mesh weave of the cloth laminate base is resistant to edge fraying and offers a smooth, matte surface with minimal sheen - perfect for remaining "invisible" on set, in the grid or in frame. In addition the supple fabric base conforms well to irregular areas to insure a good bond on a variety of surfaces.


  • Industrial grade polyethylene cloth laminate
  • Natural rubber adhesive
  • Supple 11.8 mil base
  • Non-reflective, matte finish


  • Durable yet easy to tear for quick application
  • Strong bond to many common materials
  • Smooth controlled unwind will not curl or twist
  • Clean removal with no residue on most surfaces
  • Conforms to odd shaped and irregular surfaces
  • Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance
  • Finish offers minimal visibility
  • Hand tearable - no cutting tools required


  • 2-inch width x 55 yards (48mm x 50m)
  • Backing: Polyethylene cloth laminate, 73 Mesh
  • Adhesive: Natural Rubber
  • Finished Thickness: 11.8 mil ± 0.4 mils (300 um)
  • Peel Adhesion: 29oz. / inch
  • Roll Unwind Force: 39oz. / inch
  • Tensile Strength: 36lbs per inch
  • Temperature Resistance: -31° F to 176° F (-35°C to 80°C)

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2-inch Gaffer Tape (55yrds) - In Black or White has a rating of stars based on reviews.